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African and passionate

A new generation of Africans

With the explosion of mobile phones and the birth of new usages, Gaynako is developing strategies and designing digital experiences, which connect brands to audiences.

Vudaf, the medium for millennials in Africa and the diaspora

100% digital media dedicated to entertaining information aimed at young people in French-speaking Africa and its

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Afrique IT News, the benchmark for the tech world in West Africa

Founded in 2013, Afrique IT News is a news platform dedicated to the digital and technological world with the target of Francophone Africa and its diaspora.

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The future of digital public relations in Africa

Sumansi is a digital public relations platform that connects brands and content producers.


Gaynako is a digital laboratory based on the agility of a start-up, while pushing the limits of creativity. Our creations, as well as our distribution, allow us to stay in permanent contact with the public and the different communities.

Thanks to this innovative approach, our teams learn and execute new strategies on a daily basis, which will then be applied and deployed on the missions we carry out.


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the web and of communication, we put the means into action in order to create and develop modern and engaging content in three types of formats: text, audio and video.


Our team will allow you to generate a large audience, thanks to our experiences and an in-depth analysis of the data to deploy a communication plan adapted to the channel and to the needs through content ensuring virality and sharing.


Thanks to a global approach with a strong emphasis on content marketing, our advice transforms any communication strategy into a formidable weapon to conquer new followers and become essential.

They trusted us

Our agency deploys its expertise in the design of content and services in digital marketing but also in the creation of digital experiences for any type of organization.

Audiovisual production

Our Dakar-based audiovisual production studio produces commercials, films, television shows and documentaries

Digital agency

An ambitious and competent digital marketing agency in Senegal that supports you in the creation of websites, SEO or community management.

Digital Solutions

Gaynako designs and develops its own innovative solutions on the model of startups. Our products and digital solutions delight users while allowing us to adopt best practices.

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